Beckett Walk VI — another ghost dance

Beckett Walk VI — another ghost dance


  • concept

    Dorothea Rust

  • performance

    Dorothea Rust with the participation of the members of DOCE EN DICIEMBRE: Andrea Saemann  Barbara Nägelin | Belén Romero Gunset | Chris Regn | Gisela Hochuli | Jazmín Saidman | Luján Funes | Maja Lascano | Monika Dillier | Paola Junqueira

  • material

    garments: black leggings and shorts, gold shirt, shoes with imitation leopard fur | cardboard with gold coating with text on the back | microphone

  • soundscape

    Barbara Nägelin

  • length

    40 min.

  • place | date

    DOCE EN DICIEMBRE - Basel edition, exhibition and performances
    Kaskadenkondensator Basel
    Saturday, 16 October 2021

  • organised by

    Andrea Saemann, Chris Regn, Monika Dillier in cooperation with Kaskadenkondensator Basel and URRA Argentina