Performances by Ingeborg Blom Andersskog and Dorothea Rust

    27 february 2024, 2 pm, the performances will be livestreamed and seen on the screen side by side

    a collaboration of PANCH — Performance Art Network Switzerland & PAB — Performance Art Bergen & Mediathek FHNW Basel

    livestream link —> https://mediathek.hgk.fhnw.ch/... —> can also be viewed later via this link

  • Ferien : Rio de Janeiro — ein Bericht der Künstlerinnengruppe «Doce en Diciembre» * um relatório do grupo de mulheres artistas «Doce en Diciembre» * un informe del grupo de artistas «Doce en Diciembre» * a report by the women artist group «Doce en Diciembre»

    Sa | Sáb | Sat 24.2.2024 19 Uhr | hora da Suíça | hora suiza | swiss time

    VIA Studio, Ammerbachstr. 55, Basel

    über ihre Reise und den Performanceevent «DOCE EN DICIEMBRE — Rio de Janeiro Edition»
    * sobre o seu percurso e o evento performativo «Doce en Diciembre — Edição Rio de Janeiro»
    * sobre su viaje y el evento de performance «Doce en Diciembre — Edición Río de Janeiro»
    * about their journey and the performance event «Doce en Diciembre — Rio de Janeiro Edition»

    • mit anekdotische Beschreibungen * com descrições anedóticas * con descripciones anecdóticas * with anecdotal descriptions
    • mit Erzählunge anhand von Bildern und einem Videozusammenschnitt * com narrativas baseadas em imagens individuais e uma compilação de vídeos * con narraciones basadas en imágenes individuales y una recopilación de vídeos * with narratives based on individual images and a video compilation
    • anschliessender Apéro und Caipirinhas * seguidos de aperitivos e caipirinhas * seguido de aperitivo y caipirinhas * followed by aperitifs and caipirinhas

    Live- Beiträge * contribuições em direto * contribuciones en directo * live contribution :

    Beiträge via Zoom * contribuições via Zoom * contribuciones a través de Zoom * contribution via Zoom:

  • 6 x 6 FunklochOnAir 2018–2023 — jubilee concert 'JANUARLOCH'
    Dorothea Rust : Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 1 (2021) — performative scenic score

    Saturday 20 January 2024, 17h, entrance fee, apero & bar, Kunstraum Walcheturm Zurich

    Funkloch Trio — Januarloch:
    Lara Stanic, fl
    Petra Ronner, p
    Sebastian Hofmann, perc
    Heidi Hiltebrand, video documentation

    1st set 17h
    Annette Schmucki (sampler) - sprechen (2019)
    Daniel Weissberg (electronics) - FUNKLOCH INterACTION (2021)

    2nd set 18h
    Svetlana Maraš - Neues Stück (2023)

    3rd set 19h
    Dorothea Rust (performative scenic score) - Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 1 (2021)
    Joke Lanz (turntables) — welche niedrigkeit begingest du nicht, um die niedrigkeit auszutilgen? (B.B.) (2020)

    With the program 'JANUARLOCH' Funkloch Trio celebrates a selected works show of the last 6 year's collaboration with composers and artists-performers in the concert format Funkloch OnAir. For the jubilee concert the composer and sound artist Svetlana Maraš has created a new composition.

    2018 – 2023, 6 x 6 scores and works at the interface between contemporary compostion and improvisation, radiophonic art, sound art and performance art. 'JANUARLOCH' presents a cross section of these diverse examples of musical forms of communication and to a wide audience and invites them to celebrate.

    with a link to video recordings of concerts since 2021 www.funklochonair.ch

  • DUO 06 — video projection
    Dorothea Rust — autobiographical animal 0 — arctic fox, 2021|2023 with
    Sandro Steudler — Inversbaum I, 2016

    from 6 january—6 february 2024, over lunch time, from 11 to 14h, on the 6 floor in the staircase, in front of the cantine of Gleis70, Hermetschloostr. 70, Zurich-Altstetten

    Works by tenants of Gleis70 are on display. Two people or groups from the co-operative work together to create a DUO video contribution. There are no limits in terms of media and content within the setting. Participation in the project is open to all Gleis70 tenants.
    Working group: Peter Radelfinger, Sandro Steudler, March Wischnitzky, Ursula Palla, Lukas Zeller


  • DOCE EN DICIEMBRE Edição Brasil

    29 September — 2 October 2023

    @ Casa Franca Brasil in Rio de Janeiro
    collective, performative residency and exhibition, performances and artist talks
    Instituição do Brasil Convidada : Paola Junqueira, Espaço Escada LTDA


    Andrea Saemann (Basileia Suíça)

    Barbara Naegelin (Basileia Suíça)

    Chris Regn (Basileia Suíça)

    Cinthia Mendonça (Brasil)

    Dorothea Rust (Zurique Suíça)
Gisela Hochuli (Berna Suíça)

    Jazmin Saidman (Buenos Aires Argentina)

    Lujan Funes (Buenos Aires Argentina)

    Maja Lascano (Buenos Aires Argentina)

    Nicole Boillat (Basileia Suíça)

    Paola Junqueirs (Brasil)


    opening 25 August 17—22h

    group exhibition bis until 10 September 2023
    opening hours friday 17—22h | saturday & sunday 10—18h

    SAE Greenhouse ETHZ, Häldeliweg 19, 8044 Zürich
    Tram 5/6 tram stop Voltastrasse

    artists: Barbara Bietenholz | Monica Germann & Daniel Lorenzi | Piero Good | Esther Maria Jungo & Joerg Bosshard | Suresh Kumar
 | Maya Minder | Uriel Orlow | Ursula Palla | Peter Radelfinger | Dorothea Rust
 | Juanita Schläpfer-Miller | 
Jill Scott & Marille
    Hahne | Vreni Spieser
 | Sandro Steudler | Esther Vonplon

    curated by: Barbara Bietenholz, Ursula Palla, Dorothea Rust, Jill Scott Sandro Steudler

    --> performance Vreni Spieser 27 August 10—18h
    --> LASER TALK I — The Future of Soil — Plant Interactions
    29 August 18.30—22h with Science Speakers and Art Speakers
    Dr. Tania Galindo Castaneda, Plant and Soil Biologist, SAE
    Dr. Kevin Vega, Urban Ecologist SAE
    Dorothea Rust, research on performative realtionship body and soil
    Monica Germann and Daniel Lorenzi, drawings carbon cycles and carbon sequestration in the soil
    Suresh Kumar, on making new soil
    --> SCIENTIFICA SATELITE EVENT 2 & 3 September
    Saturday & Sunday 12.30.—13.30h and 14.30—15.30h
    --> LASER TALK II — Resilience, Nutrition, Food Systems
    5 September 18.30—22h with Science Speakers and Art Speakers
    Dr. Charles Nwokoro, Cropping Systems Agronomist, SAE
    Prof. Dr. Johanna Jacobi, Agroecological Transitions Research, ETHZ
    Vreni Spieser, installation about human migration and plant migration
    Barbara Bietenholz, circular economies for our plants.
    Dr. Sandro Steudler, an artistic/scientific journey to new ecological niches of plants.

  • Performance «L’animoteur 14 – donkey stor(i)es»
    at «OPOWIEŚCI STORIES. the world is more complicated than our truth»

    July 19-22, 2023, Mazovian Museum Płocku, Poland

    Performance festival with 20 international artists, art installations, an open off-stage for young artists, film screenings – lectures by Laurie Anderson from Harvard University in 2020/2021, discussions, art sessions, meetings with artists, presentations, VestAndPage workshops referring to the works of Themersons:
    Inês R. Amado (Portugal)
    Hedda Amundsen (Norway)
    Marilyn Arsem (USA)
    Laura Bartolomei (Italy)
    Tanja Brüggemann (Austria)
    Olha Chyhryk (Ukraine)
    Maya Gordon (Poland/Netherlands/Israel)
    Kurt Johannessen (Norway)
    Pawel Korbus (Poland)
    Jolanta Krukowska (Poland)
    Weronika Lewandowska (Poland)
    Alastair Maclennan (Northern Ireland / Scotland
    Rita Marhaug (Norway)
    Anina Müller (Switzerland)
    Joanna Rajkowska (Poland)
    Chris Regn (Switzerland)
    Petro Riaska (Ukraine)
    Nigel Rolfe (Great Britain / Ireland)
    Dorothea Rust (Switzerland)
    Dorothea Schürch (Switzerland)
    Andrea Saemann (Switzerland)
    Kjetil Skoien (Norway)
    Silje Eugenie Strande Oktner (Norway)
    Yaryna Szumska (Ukraine)
    Volodymyr Topiy (Ukraine)
    Hana Umeda (Poland)
    Irena Wiszniewska (Poland)
    Natalia Zagórska-Thomas (Great Britain / Poland)
    Ewa Zarzycka (Poland)

  • Lecture Performance «L’animoteur 13 – was bisher geschehen ist»

    16 and 17 June 2023 | Technische Universität Dresden TU Dresden

    in the scope of «Spot On. Kunstpraxis in der Lehrer:innenbildung — #Performance»
    (art practice in teacher education)

  • artist focus - Dorothea Rust

    Saturday 22 April 2023, 11:15 am — 12:15 pm cst

    a reflective space for artists to discuss their previous work and facilitate cultural discourse about artistic ideas
    -> facilitated by Dimple B Shah
    watch live on youtube FB https://wwwtwitch.tv/out_of_si...

  • Residency at Gleis 70 – Open Studio 2 AKANE Kimbara

    Friday, 24 March 2023, 5—9 pm 

    Residency Gleis 70, Hermetschloostrasse 70, Zurich-Altstetten, 3rd floor
    On the occasion of the opening of her Open Studio 2, Akane Kimbara talks about impressions, experiences and her artistic work here in Zurich. Akane will show a series of drawings created during her stay here at Gleis70 and 'video sketches' from an earlier work phase, which mark the transition from drawing to her video work. Finally, Akane Kimbara talks to performance artist Dorothea Rust about artistic working processes.
    https://www.akanekimbara.net ... https://www.dorothearust.ch .

    .. after that the exhibition is open until Tuesday, 28 March. By appointment.


  • Autobiographical animal 0 + 1 — an image work and an object

    19 June — 17 July 2022

    FUNDUS 40 – Werke aus der Sammlung (works from the collection),
    Das marsie - Raum für kollektive Kunst, Elisa­be­thenstr. 26, 8004 Zürich
    group exhibition with 46 artist, with whom the artist Simone Etter has collaborated since 2002:

    Anaïs Meier | Marie-Anne Lerjen | Teresa Renn | Tiziana Rosa | Rahel Sacher | Dorothea Rust | Marianne Papst| Boris Nieslony | Stéphanie Baechler | Markus Schwander | Honi Ryan | Abi Tariq | Jonas Gillmann | Barbara Becker | Maricruz Peñaloza | Daniela Dill | Eva Kretschmer | Claudia Kübler | Sidney McMahon | Markus Gössi | Sandra Knecht | Karola Braga | Laura Hunt | Ralph Etter | Martina Siegwolf | Azeite de Leos | Gabriel Hensche | Eden Sarna | Lara Russi und Ida Dober | Claudia Grimm | Claudia Lozano | Andreas Schneider | Ienke Kastelein | Joëlle Valterio | Regina Dürig | Gisela Hochuli | Lea Fröhlicher und Stefanie Steinmann| Mirjam Bayer­dörfer | Heinrich Lüber | Kira van Eijsden | Leonie Felle | uvm

  • Collective fragments continued - a perfor­mative process and an experi­mental play 
by Anne Silvie Henchoz & Myriam Ziehli & Dorothea Rust & Rahel El-Maawi

    18 June 2022

    BANG BANG - translocal performance historie:s, Museum Tinguely, Basel
exhibition 08.06.2022 – 21.08.2022

  • criss-crossed performance as a lecture as a performance as a lecture by Dorothea Rust

    9 June 2022

    as part of Revolving Documents #1 Narrations of the Beginnings of Performance Art
9 & 10 June 2022, 
Scientific Exchange Conference at the Museum Tinguely in Basel
in colla­bo­ration with BANG BANG - tranlocal performance hi:stories
Different narrations of the beginnings of Performance Art, a translocal movement, is the focus of the conference with leading inter­na­tional scholars and artists.


  • Master Dialogue
    History of Performance Art - until today and Choreopolitics

    Thursday, 25 November 2021, 14.30—16.30, Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts HSLU, Master Kunst, 3rd floor V320

    14.30—16.30h workshop History of Performance Art - until now: Sabine Gebhardt Fink andTancredi Gusman with Lena Eriksson (professional field practice)
    17.00—18.00h lecture by Dorothea Rust on her artistic approach and choreopolitics

  • RESONANZ IN SPRACHE (resonance in speech) — a project by PANCH

    Wednesday, 10 November 2021 | 17h Writing | 19h Reading

    Gleis70, atelier Dorothea Rust, Zürich
    with bus 31 to terminus 'Hermetschloo' or with tram 2 to 'Micafil'

  • Revolving Histories — translocal performance histories in Zurich
    two research-meetings with call for participation

    Friday, 5 November, Sunday, 7 November

    launched by Dorothea Rust, Chris Regn, Sabine Gebhardt Fink and Tancredi Gusman.
    -> Friday, 5 November meeting at ZHdK, Toniareal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8005 Zurich, MA Art Education, please follow signs: arrival at 11h, with breaks, end 16.30h.
    here we want to recall all practices and scenes from activism, actionism to sound and art performance and beyond.
    In cooperation with MFA ZHdK MA Art Education and HSLU Design & Art.
    -> Sunday, 7 November meeting at Tanzhaus Zurich, Wasserwerkstrasse 127, 8037 Zürich: arrival at 11h, with breaks, end ca. 16.30h
    here we want to recall practices and places at the intersection of dance, performance and breaking out of the media.

    Registration until 25 October to rust.doro@bluewin.ch

    The project is related to Revolving Histories - Bang Bang - Translocal Performance Histories, a three-part project. It consists of a research-based performance exhibition at the Museum Tinguely in Basel with live performances, screenings, installations and talks. In the run-up to the exhibition, research will take place in various regions of Switzerland and, following the exhibition, a comprehensive publication will be produced.

  • Mother Earth Calling — exhibition at Salon Mondial Basel

    22 October — 7 November 2021, Salon Mondial, Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein 

    opening Friday 22 October 19h — more info
    artists*: Belén Romero Gunset | Brendhan Dickerson | Dawn Nilo | Deneth Piumakshi Wedaarachchige | Dorothea Rust | Irene Maag | Ishita Chakraborty | Manmeet Devgun | Margarit Lehmann | Márcio de Abreu | Mohsin Shafi | Parvez | Petra Keinhorst | Rama Kalidindi | Sharing Stories | Tomoko Hashimoto | Yota Tsotra

  • Andock: «Doce en Diciembre — Basel Edition»
    Exchange project between artists from Switzerland and South America

    8.10.—16.10.2021, Kaskadenkondensator Basel

    with a focus on collaborative, artistic parctices and performance art.
    Artists from South America: Luján Funes, Buenos Aires/ Argentina | Paola Junqueira, Sao Paolo/Brasil | Maja Lascano, Buenos Aires/ Argentina | Belén Romero Gunset, Tucumán/ Argentina | Jazmín Saidman, Buenos Aires/ Argentina
    Artists from Switzerland: Monika Dillier, Basel | Gisela Hochuli, Bern | Barbara Naegelin, Basel | Chris Regn, Basel/Hamburg | Dorothea Rust, Zürich | Andrea Saemann, Basel
    Opening Thursday 7.10.2021, 19h
    Performance Events Friday 15.10. and Saturday 16.10.2021, 19h
    Opening Hours Fr — So 16—20h

  • TUNNEL TUNNEL espace d'art Lausanne
    collective fragments — a performative and experimental piece

    30 August — 4 September 2021 tunneltunnel.ch

    Performers.x : Meloé Gennai | Anne Sylvie Henchoz | Christina Jonsson | Eva Karzcag | Eglé Kulbokaite and Dorota Gaweda | Rosida Koyuncu | Dorothea Rust
    Project initiated and developed by Anne Sylvie Henchoz and Dorothea Rust

  • PPP 2021.11
    Swiss Performance Art Award Winners 2011-2020

    14 – 15 August 2021, WandorfCity Bern progrperformanceplattform.com

    Saturday 14. 8. 2021 — 13-19h 

    • 01- Wathiq Al-Ameri (Urnamo) 

    • 02-Ali Al-Fatlawi (Urnamo) hybrid 

    • 03-Manuel Scheiwiller

    • 04- Sarina Scheidegger 

    • 05- Dorothea Schürch mit Partner:in 

    • 06- Nino Baumgartner
07- Gisela Hochuli 

    Sunday 15. 8. 2021 — 11-17h

    • 08- Julia Geröcs & Gabriel Studerus

    • 09- Katja Schenker

    • 10- Dorothea Rust

    • 11- Leo Hofmann & Benjamin von Bebber
    • 12- Judith Huber

Berg-Zeit-Tagebuch, Performance
im Rahmen des Heuerbergfestes 2021, Braunwald

24. Juli 2021, Mittlerer Höhenweg 52, Braunwald  Programm
Performance in Zusammenarbeit mit Leo Bachmann Tuba

exhibition and dialogue on comtemporary art in the countryside

31 Juliy — 27 August 2021, Dorfstrasse 22 and 26, 9055 Bühler  FB

art exhibition with artists* from Shetland : Paul Bloomer / Daniel Clark / Amy Gear / Aimee Labourne / Vivian Ross-Smith / Roxane Permar / Andrew Sutherland / Roseanne Watt
and from Switzerland : Caroline Ann Baur / Florian Gugger / Martina Morger / Maria Nänny / Dorothea Rust / Harlis Schweizer / Birgit Widmer / Wassili Widmer
kuratiert von Kollektive Streunende Hunde (Appenzell), Jane Matthews und Jenny Jane Tipton (Shetland)

opening: Saturday, 31 July, from 17 h, with Gabriela Krapf (music)
opening hours: Wednesday / Saturday ‪14—17 h / Friday 19—22 h / Sunday 11—15 h
Talk on contemporary art and culture in the countryside? Thursday, 26 August, 18.30 h, with Agathe Nisple, cultural mediator (Appenzell), Ueli Vogt, curator Zeughaus Teufen (Teufen), Karin Fanizzi, co-operator of Kafi55 (Bühler), Marcel Hörler, co-leader of Dogo-Residenz für Neue Kunst (Lichtensteig) and Wassili Widmer, artist (Gais). moderation: Maria Nänny (Bühler). 

guided tours: Mittwoch, 4. August, 14.30 h, mit Wassili Widmer‬ // Sonntag, 8. August, 14 h, mit Florian Gugger // Freitag, 13. August, 19.30 h, mit Birgit Widmer // Samstag, 21. August, 14.30 h, mit Maria Nänny
guided tours for children and painting studio: Wednesday, 25 August, 14—16 h, with Harlis Schweizer ‬

Keine leere Mitte zwischen Energie und Zeichen (bunter Hund)

23 and 24 June, 19.30 Uhr
Kunstraum Walcheturm, Kanonengasse 20, 8004 Zürich

With: Jörg Köppl  concept, composition and performance // Franziska Bruecker voice, performance and concept collaboration // Léo Collin co-direction, performance and concept collaboration // Markus Hochuli  banjo // Ursina Merkt  management and funding / Dorothea Rust performance // Philipp Schaufelberger performance and percussion / Lara Stanic  flute, composition and performance / Willy Strehler sound control

Der Vogel kann nicht (mehr) schlafen 2 + 3 — AIR_WASTE_HEALTH_WATER_ENERGY_SOIL, art exhibition with events at Gleis 70

with 36 artists* at Genossenschaft Gleis 70, Hermetschloostrasse 70, Zurich-Altstetten, www.gleis70.ch

Selfie im Bau in Bronze im Campus Muttenz — intervention/meditation

in collaboration with Petit Grégoire Videolabor, Jens Woernle, Hili Leimgruber and faculty and students of phKultur, of the Degree Program Education PH of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, as podcast as of 5 May 2021 link

Der Vogel kann nicht (mehr) schlafen 1

with 36 artists* at Genossenschaft Gleis 70, Hermetschloostrasse 70, Zurich-Altstetten, www.gleis70


Mouthless (Dziady) II (performance)
by Dorota Gaweda and Eglé Kulbokaita

nominated for the Performance Art Award Switzerland

performers* : Oskar Pawełko, Dorothea Rust and Tiran Normanson
costume : Tim Heyduck and Manfred Elias Knorr
sound design : Haraldur Þrastarson
voices : Valentin Bezençon, Abongile Gwele and Anastasia Chaguidouline
makeup : Jasmin Berger
curated by : Anastasia Chaguidouline

31 October 2020, more information here
Le Grütli - Centre de production et de diffusion des Arts vivants,
Rue du Général-Dufour 16, 1204 Genève, +41 (0)22 888 44 88

please sign up here. Places are limited ! https://www.facebook.com/events/1670848496426617/

10.30h welcome address 
11h Jessica-Maria Nassif 
12h Monica Klingler / 13h Claudia Barth 
14.30h Andrea Marioni 
15.30h Gabriele Garavaglia 
16.40h Dorian Sarim 
17.50h Dorota Gawęda und Eglė Kulbokaitė 
19h Andrea Marioni
from Ab 20h Les Nibardes & Lucien /  Les Reines Prochaines

Selfie im Bau II, a performative Intervention by Dorothea Rust — Podcast

in collaboration with Petit Grégoire Videolabor, Jens Woernle, Hili Leimgruber and students of the Degree Program Education
within  Kulturtag - a Communis event of the Degree Program Education PH of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Nordwestern Switzerland FHNW, 21 October 2020
as podcast from 21 October 2020 during two weeks: https://www.kulturtag-ph-fhnw.ch/podcasts/

traeh elttil ym ,lous ym : my soul, my little heart,
Mouthless (Dziady) II (performance)
by Dorota Gaweda and Eglé Kulbokaita

performers* : Oskar Pawełko, Dorothea Rust and Tiran Normanson
costume : Tim Heyduck and Manfred Elias Knorr
sound design : Haraldur Þrastarson
voices : Valentin Bezençon, Abongile Gwele and Anastasia Chaguidouline
curated by : Anastasia Chaguidouline

opening and Performance : 16 October 20–20.30h (doors open 19.30h)

exhibition Open : 20 October 14-17h
soundscape : 24 October 17-19h
at ONCURATING PROJECT SPACE, entrance at Ausstellungstrasse 16 (Sihlqai 55), 8005 Zurich

more info here: https://oncurating-space.org/traeh-elttil-ym-lous-ym-my-soul-my-little-heart/


PERFORMANCES — Saturday 12 September 2020 / 12:00—21:00 : Lara Buffard & Lilian Frei (UK/ZH)/ Gisela Hochuli (BE) / Jolanda Hügi & Joëlle Salvage (D/F) / Dominik Lipp & Aleks Wojtulewicz (AG/UK) /Andrea Marioni (BE) /Anna Rigamonti (TI) / Antonia Röllin & Clemens Fellmann (LU) gemeinsam mit Kindern aus Giswil und Umgebung / Sandra De los Santos (ZH) / Julie Semoroz (GE)
RESONANZ (resonance/feedback) — Sunday 13 September 2020 / 11:00—17:00 : The day after, the space of experience of the performances will be sounded out linguistically. Feedbacks and reports invite to talk. With contributions by Chris Regn and Dorothea Rust, Moderation: Andrea Saemann

(aus)schwärmen — swarming out
Intervention on Helvetiaplatz Zurich

12 September 2020, 11:00 to 11:45
An experimental choreographic setting according to the rules of the swarm.
Dorothea Rust and Regula Michell swarming with 
Georg Aerni, Regula Bearth, Maya Bringolf, Sabine Henn, Michelle Bürkel, Ida Dober, Tanja Kalt, Natalie Madani, Steff Renner, Beat de Roche, Susanne Sauter, Vreni Spieser, Eva Wandeler.

L’animoteur 13 — intervention
Landart Festiwal Podlaski Poland 2020

3—11 July 2020
at Bug River near the Village of Stare Buczyce and in the park of the Bishop’s Castle in Janów Podlaski.
Organized by Fundacja Latająca Ryba and Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Lubelskiego

Selfie im Bau II
live-Intervention followed by a (15-day) medien-intervention at the FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch

in collaboration withPetit Grégoire Videolabor, Hili Leimgruber und Jens Woernle, Zurich.
Wednesday 8 April 2020 | from 12.30 h start at 4th floor, in building 6, duration up to approx. 14 h, dropping-out as audience-member / companion any time possible
FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch, Bahnhofstrasse 6, 5210 Windisch

Selfie im Bau in Bronze
live-Intervention followed by a (15-day) medien-intervention at the FHNW Campus Muttenz

in collaboration withPetit Grégoire Videolabor, Hili Leimgruber und Jens Woernle, Zurich.
Wednesday 1 April 2020 | from 12 h in the foyer (ground floor), duration up to approx. 14 h, dropping-out as audience-member / companion any time possible
FHNW Campus Muttenz, Hofackerstrasse 30, 4132 Muttenz

BECKETT WALK V — Ghost Dance*1 — Performance

Saturday 21 March 2020,  13-19h
Urnamo Ali Al-Fatlawi & Wathiq Al-Ameri
Manuel Scheiwiller
Sarina Scheidegger
Dorothea Schürch
Florence Jung
Nino Baumgartner
Gisela Hochuli
Sunday 22 March 2020,  13-19h
Julia Geröcs (Videoperformance)
Katja Schenker (Videoperformance Vesus)
Philippe Wicht
Dorothea Rust
Leo Hofmann
Judith Huber
(PRICE) Matthias Ringgenberg
Davide-Christelle Sanvee
Progr Performance Plattform
PROGR Aula, Waisenhausplatz 30, 3011 Bern

studio-house-concert with
'band' annette schmucki & petra ronner, sampler/voice
julia bodamer, video-projection

Friday, 7 February 2020 | 19h
at Gleis70, Hermetschloostrasse 70, 8048 Zürich, 2. Stock
in our studio-space, 2.23, Verein 1511


16 hours nonstop Performances at Kunstraum Walcheturm Zuerich

from sunset on 21 December at 16.36 h, until sunrise on 22 December at 8.11 h, with over
30 artists* from different regions in Switzerland and abroad:

16.37 bis 17.35  Chris Regn, Basel with Fränzi Madörin, Basel
17.35 bis 18.33  Leo Hofmann, Zurich with Una Lee, Belfast
18.33 bis 19.32  Melissa Tun Tun, Paris/Geneva & Chloé Tun Tun, London
19.32 bis 20.30  Sebastian Hofmann, Zurich with Firdes Atmaca, Alessandro Peter, Lulzim Plakolli, Marouan Mounir, Silvio Cadotsch, Philipp Schaufelberger, Lara Stanic, Hans Peter Pfamatter, all from Zurich
20.30 bis 21.28  Olivia Wiederkehr, Zurich with Thomas Peter, Zurich
21.28 bis 22.27  Guillaume Pilet, Lausanne with Zhao Lin, Shanghai 
22.27 bis 23.25  Omri Ziegele, Zurich with Yves Theiler, Zurich
23.25 bis 00.24  Philippe Wicht, Vevey and Paula Coquart with Yann Biscaut, Benjamin Elliott, Giulia Essyad and Gabriel Schields-Hanau, all from Geneva
00.24 bis 01.22  Angela Marzullo, Geneva with Nelson
01.22 bis 02.20 Léo Collin, Zurich with Raphaël Languillat, Adrian Galeazzi
02.20 bis 03.19  Christoph Studer-Harper, Bern with Terry Remo Loosli, Bern and 5 singers*
03.19 bis 04.17  Trixa Arnold & Ilja Komarov, Zurich
04.17 bis 05.16  Anne Käthi Wehrli, Zurich with Ingrid Käser, Zurich
05.16 bis 06.14  Wassili Widmer, Zurich with Martina Morger, Zurich
06.14 bis 07.13  Lou Masduraud, Geneva & Antoine Bellini, Lyon
07.13 bis 08.11  Simone Truong, Zurich with Cosima Grad, Zurich

Kunstraum Walcheturm, Kanonengasse 20, 8004 Zurich
more info here


Dorothea Rust in search of traces of and with inauthentic lumps
Friday 1.11.19 | 18.30 h
in context of the exhibition SELBSTVERKLUMPUNGEN 1.11.19–29.11.19
with : Sabian Baumann / Gianin Conrad / Ursula Palla / Peter Radelfinger / Dorothea Rust / Sandro Steudler / Milva Stutz / curated by Sandro Steudler
opening from 18 h | introduction Sandro Steudler 18.30 | afterwards performance
Kunstraum luke 2nd floor, space 2.28, Hermetschloostrasse 70, 8048 Zurich

More information  http://luke-space.ch/

Zurich University of Applied Sciences / Architecture degree course Exploration, Imagination and Narrative

Lecture on Body and Space in Autumn Semester 2019 / Design and Visualization I
21 October 2019 / 10.30 h

Floral Fantasies between Symbolism and Outsider Art
31/Mar – 04/Aug/2019

Intervention & Performance
SA 15 June 2019 / 16 H Galerie Alte Turnhalle Eintritt frei https://www.lebenshilfe-duew.de/wir/aktuell/
SO 16 June 2019 / 15 H Sammlung Prinzhorn Museumseintritt www.sammlung-prinzhorn.de

The significance of plants as an artistic means of expressing emotional states is at the core of the interdisciplinary and inclusive cooperation project Floral Fantasies. Encompassing exhibitions, performances as well as dance and theatre productions, the theme of ‘Floral Fantasies’ in Outsider Art will be addressed and illuminated from different perspectives by the Wilhelm-Hack- Museum (Ludwigshafen), the Prinzhorn Collection (Heidelberg), zeitraumexit (Mannheim), the Galerie Alte Turnhalle (Bad Dürkheim) and the Museum Haus Cajeth (Heidelberg).

Floral Fantasies ...
performance dance and theater programme
exhibition chapters

Digital Ecologies 2018-2019, Plovdiv, Bulgaria: an international exhibition project in two folds
Fold II, 2019. Digital Dramatizations: Ecologies from the Future

exhibition 04 May - 30 June 2019 / symposium 05/06 May 2019
Fold I, 2018. Operaismo Naturale: Ecology of the Event (27 July - 05 September 2018)
Digital Ecologies is part of the program of Plovdiv 2019, European Capital of Culture.

with works on display and interventions by Donatella Bernardi, Ursula Biemann, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Johanna Bruckner, Sarah Burger, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Valko Chobanov, Voin de Voin & Marie Civikov, Jonas Etter, Anne-Laure Franchette, Monica Ursina Jäger, Stefanie Knobel, Marlene Maier, Boyan Manchev with Ani Vaseva and Leonid Yovchev (Metheor), Emil Mirazchiev, Uriel Orlow, Ursula Palla, Lourenço Penaguião Soares, Elodie Pong, Oliver Ressler, Tabita Rezaire, Dorothea Rust, Elza Sile, Kerstin Schroedinger, Pascal Schwaighofer, Venelin Shurelov, Sandro Steudler, Kamen Stoyanov, Milva Stutz, Katharina Swoboda, Una Szeemann / Bohdan Stehlik, Riikka Tauriainen, Lena Maria Thüring, Alexander Tuchaček, Borjana Ventzislavova, and Martina-Sofie Wildberger
with interventions and talks by the philosophers Boyan Manchev, Stanimir Panayotov, and Gerald Raunig
curated by Dimitrina Sevova

my intervention  L’animoteur 8 — Selfie or I am donkey continued 
on 4 May at the opening at Ancient Bath Plovdiv
and performance L’animoteur 9 Selfie or I am donkey and cacti
6 May at SKLAD Plovdiv


Hannah Arendt Happening
Niemand hat das Recht zu gehorchen

Under this title Angelo Romano and Chris Bünter are organizing from Friday 22 to Sunday 31 March, for ten days from 10 to 22 H an integral public reading of works by the political theorist Hannah Arendt (1906-1975).

I am reading on Tuesday 26 March from 19.45—20.45 H and on Saturday 30 March from 15—15.30 H.

Readers/Participants: Hans Adolfsen, Sevgi Arslan, Michael Bachmann, Daniel Baumann, Livio Baumgartner, Katja Baumhoff, Patricia Bianchi, Sandra Boeschenstein, Julia Bolli, James Breiding, Maya Bringolf, Chris Bünter, Lidija Burcak, Marianne Burki, Nina Calderone, Françoise Caraco, Giovanni Carmine, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Marie-Antoinette Chiarenza, Sebastian Cremers, Bruno Deckert, Frédéric Dedelley, Karin Derungs, Eva Dietrich, Martin Dreyfus, Benjamin Egger, Robert Estermann, Michael Etzensperger, Anna Francke, Kathrin Frauenfelder, Fanni Fetzer, Urs Frey, Daniela Friedmann, Melanie Gruetter, Andrea Günter, Peter Haerle, Helen Hagenbuch, Gregory Hari, Justine Hauer, Valentin Hauri, Irène Hediger, Hannah Horst, Cathérine Hug, Alex Hurst, Brigitta Paulina Javurek, Claudia Jolles, Linda Hjorth Jensen, Nathalie Kaufmann, Oliver Kielmayer, Pius Knüsel, Barbara Kopp, Irene Korrodi, Annette Kres, Roland Lüthi, Esther Mathis, Tamara Maggi, Mansoureh, Tim Menck, Daniel Morgenthaler, Efa Mühlenthaler, Adrian Notz, Sibylle Omlin, Onzgi, Gudrun Orlet, Gabriele Otto, Sandi Paucic, Serge Pinkus, Brita Polzer, Hans-Peter Portmann, Mario Purkathofer, Marion Richter, Michael Richter, Rona Richter, Beat de Roche, Aoife Rosenmeyer, Karen Roth, Catherine Rukkers, Dorothea Rust, Eliane Rutishauser, Markus Schöb, Christoph Schreiber, Urban Schwegler, Barbara Seiler, Dimitrina Sevova, Lino Sibillano, Fiona Siegenthaler, Helene Sperandio, Miriam Victory Spiegel, Monika Stadler, Heinz Stahlhut, Robert Steinberger, Sandro Steudler, Miriam Sturzenegger, Ursula Sulser, Sebastian Utzni, Antonin Wagner, Hanes Willi, Eric Winkler, Joachim Wohnhas and Juliane Wolski.

Counter Space  Laternengasse 5, Zürich


Selfie im Bau — a performative intervention at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Campus Brugg-Windisch

29 October 2018 von 12.30—14 H
Dorothea Rust is on the move in the mainbuilding of the campus: As a fictitious figure the artist moves in a dancing mode around the stairs and approaches the buildung in a space-media research. Chances write the script of being on the move.
As part of Treff.Kultur: A cultural series at Campus Brugg-Windisch with events on literature, music and theater. The events are public and admission is free. Organizer: Pädagogische Hochschule

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, Pädagogik, Technik, Wirtschaft, Direktionspräsidium und Services FHNW
Bahnhofstrasse 6, 5210 Windisch

Kunst der Begegnung — with 7 local artists and 7 artists from Asia 

4.-8. Oktober 2018
aus Asien: Watan Wuma / Yeh Tzu Chi / Tokio Maruyama / Jeremy Hiah / Chakkrit Chimnok und Pattree Chimnok / Li Ping TING
aus der Schweiz: Simone Etter / Jasmin Glaab / Gregory Hari / Sibylle Hauert / Dorothea Rust / Joëlle Valterio / Dawn Nilo

im Hafenareal und Kaskadenkondensator Burgweg 7, Basel und im öffentlicher Raum, Basel

Operaismo Naturale: Ecology of the Event
Fold 1 of Digital Ecologies: a project in two folds 

27 July to 05 September 2018

Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Center for Contemporary Art ‘Ancient Bath’ (6th September Str. 179) and former tobacco warehouse SKLAD (Ekzarh Yosif Str. 16).

With works on display and interventions by Donatella Bernardi, Ursula Biemann, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Voin de Voin & Simone Gilges, Jonas Etter, David Jacques, Monica Ursina Jäger, knowbotiq, Dominique Koch, Marlene Maier, Boyan Manchev, Angela Melitopoulos, Uriel Orlow, Ursula Palla, Elena Peytchinska, Elodie Pong, Isabel Reiß, Oliver Ressler, Dorothea Rust, Kerstin Schroedinger, Pascal Schwaighofer, Sandro Steudler, Axelle Stiefel, Kamen Stoyanov, Milva Stutz, Katharina Swoboda, Una Szeemann & Bohdan Stehlik, Lena Maria Thüring, Alexander Tuchaček

Curated by Dimitrina Sevova
Co-curated by Katharina Swoboda and Emil Mirazchiev

For detailed program of events, please visit the exhibition's website

A project of Art Тoday Аssociation, Plovdiv in collaboration with Corner College.
The project is part of the program of Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture.

PANCH Performance Photography at LISTE Art Fair 2018

KASKADENKONDENSATOR, Performance, Production, Products
Booth 2.2.3, 2nd Floor, Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel
June 11 / 5—9 pm
June 12—16 / 1—9 pm
June 17 / 1—6 pm


Saturday, 7 March 2018 : Episode1- ONLINE 
Basel, HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel)   Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein / Basel
Bangalore, Swissnex India   26 Rest House Crescent Road, Bangalore 560 001

6—15 April 2018 : Episode2- LIVE in Basel
Basel, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Kasernenstrasse 23, 4058 Basel

With Anupam Saikia, Dorothea Rust, Inder Salim, Irene Maag, Lilian Frei, Manmeet, Pascal Lampert, Sajan Mani, Copa & Soldes, Fazil NC & Shawn Sebastian, Kursheed Ahmad, Waseem Mushtaq Wani, Rollie Mukherjee, Hilal Ahmad Khan
Co-curator Episode 1, India: Suresh Kumar G

Texte aus dem Dunstkreis, nun gehört!

radio performative; texts read aloud by artists who are fond of reading!
Amerbach Studios, Amerbachstrasse 55a, Basel

6 March 2018 : Chantal Küng / Alice Wilke / Sabine Gebhardt Fink / Linda Cassens / Daniela Brugger / Margarit Lehmann / Katharina Bochsler

7 March 2018 : Birgit Kempker / Susann Kobler /  Dorothea Rust / Lysann König / Lorenz Wiederkehr / Christa Ziegler


Eifo at/a / eifo ani — Where are you / where am I

Two live & skype performances in Zürich and Jaffa Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Friday 22 December at 19:30 CET at Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich and at HaTeva Theater in Jaffa-Tel Aviv
Saturday 28 December at 19:30 CET at Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich and at Leo Model in Jerusalem 

Dorothea Rust Performances at Room Dances Festival, Jaffa-Tel Aviv & Jerusalem
Omri Ziegele, Musik-Performances at Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich
More Information http://www.roomdancesfestival.com/en/home

PANCH als P.A.I.R — Performance Artists in Residence in Nairs
With the Project «Nairs in Movimaint / Nairs in Bewegung» 

SO 26.11.2017 — SO 3.12.2017

Public live performance, with presentation of PANCH and the internet platform at NAIRS Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst, Scuol
Participating artists: Angela Hausheer (ZH/GL) / Ariane Tanner (ZH) / Beat Unternäher (ZG) / Dorothea Rust (ZH) / Heike Fiedler (GE) / Irene Maag (BL) / Judith Huber (LU) / Lara Stanic (ZH) / Leo Bachmann (ZH/GL) / Manuela Imperatori  (BE) / Marion Ritzmann (ZH) / Milenko Lazic (ZH) / Mirzlekid (BS) / Pascal Lampert (GR) / Pascale Grau (BS)
Initiated and organized by Angela Hausheer  angela.hausheer@panch.li

Sympodium 'What's wrong with Performance Art'

27—29 October 2017, Corner College Zürich
organized and curated by Dorothea Rust and Dimitrine Sevevo   
More information later here or at http://www.panch.li/agenda/aktuell/

ACT.MOVE.PERFORM. Performance symposium, Dresden 

30. September — 8. Oktober 2017

The symposium ACT.MOVE.PERFORM. performance and performativity in art, education and research will provide an insight into contemporary, artistic and educational approaches to performativity and performance art. 
https://act-move-perform.com   https://act-move-perform.com/dorothea-rust/

Residency, Bressay Lighthouse Shetland 

3—30 September 2017

«es promeniert» — ein Streifzug durch den KSA-Park

Sunday, 2 July 2017, 11 h, meeting point at building no. 60 at the entrance of the park for pedestrians, Bleichemattstrasse/Herzogstrasse.
The event won't takel place in strong rain (Info: 078 830 33 44) 

With Marie-Anne Lerjen (walking art), Dorothea Rust (artist/dancer), Marco Käppeli (musician, percussionist, improviser) 
www.ksa.ch/kunst  Flyer/invitationcard 

Wachgeküsst — tours with performative interventions and performances in Kreis 5 Zurich

Tour 1: Saturday June 10, 2017 / 15:00, meeting point at Sihlquai 133 at the entrance of Binz39
Tour 2: Sunday June 11, 2017 / 11:00, meeting point at Sihlquai 133 at the entrance of Binz39

The two tours will start at Sihlquai 133 in the industrial quarter of Kreis 5 Zurich. Six artists from different fields of the arts will focus on specific artworks in public space, establishing a dialogue with the works, finding individual ways of interpretation. They try to enter into a dialogue and contact with each work on equal footing.  
Moderation: Andreas Storm
Artists: Katja Brunner, Zeljka Marusic, Gerhard Meister & Herwig Ursin, Noyau (Yves Nussbaum), Christoph Schreiber, Dorothea Rust
The number of participants for each tour is limited, please register here

ACT Student Performance festival 

Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst in cooperation with École Cantonale d’Art du Valais ECAV
Saturday April 8, 2017 / 14.30—19h, Hochschule Luzern Deign & Kunst HSLU, Bau 742, Viscosistadt, Nylsuisseplatz 1, 6020 Emmenbrücke

Performance Workshop and Lecture in Mysore India

conducted by Dorothea Rust & Irene Müller (Zurich, Switzerland) for students at Chamarajendra College of Visual Art (CAVA), Mysore India
17—20 February 2017


A performance marathon curated by Dorothea Rust and Irene Müller (Zurich, Switzerland), Suresh Kumar & Smitha Cariappa (Bangalore)
14th February, 2017, from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM
at Venkatappa Art Gallery, for Sambhrama 2017, VAG forum


Residency, The Booth, Scalloway Shetland 

1—30 September 2016

Performancepreis Schweiz

Award winner: Dorothea Rust «Ritual für den (einen) Mittelpunkt»
Audience award: Garrett Nelson «Their Wedding» 

Performance Art Award Switzerland
20 August 2016, Lupsingen BL
Live Performances of the nominees:
Martin Chramosta (BS)
San Keller (ZH)
Garrett Nelson (BS)
Dorothea Rust (ZH)
Melissa Tun Tun (GE)
ultra (Martin Bieri, Orpheo Carcano, Thomas Köppel, Nina Langensand) (BE/LU/GE)
Urnamo (Ali Al-Fatlawi, Wathiq Al-Ameri) (ZH)

hNC — agency for the new contemporary

low budget community-forming GALA, MANIFESTA 11 parallel events
Saturday, June 18, at 20:00
Impact Hub Zurich, Viaduktstr. 93
rsvp: infor@hnc.agency
www.hnc.agency — a platform through which anyone can order critical performance art
The HnC Team — Martin Schick, Agustina Strüngmann, Marisa König Beatty, in collaboration with: Tamara Alegre, Ali Al-Fatlawil & Wathiq Al-Ameri, Nicole Bachmann, Nino Baumgartner, Søren Berner, Ivan Blagajcevic (Evalyn Eatdith), Anja Braun, Bucci-Moro Entertainment, Catia Costa, Beatrice Fleischlin + Anja Meser, Monica Germann, Kiriakos Hadjioannou, Gregory Hari, Daniel Hellmann, Florence Jung, Ingrid Käser, San Keller, Nils Amadeus Lange, Milenko Lazic, Annina Machaz, Maya Minder, Marc Mouci, Emma Murray, Charlotte Nagel, Neue Dringlichkeit, Katherine Patiño Miranda, Julia Perazzini, Mathias Ringgenberg, Diana Rojas, Oliver Roth, Dorothea Rust, Valerio Scamuffa, Sarina Scheidegger & Ariane Koch, Martin Schick, Vreni Spieser, Veli&Amos, Teresa Vittucci, Peter Voss-Knude, Philippe Wicht

Performance Schreiben

a project by Sibylle Omlin at Kunstraum Kreuzlingen
15 April to 1 May 2016
opening Friday 15 April, 7:30 p.m., Christoph Rütimann performance, Sibylle Omlin introduction
performance Dorothea: Saturday 30 April 5 p.m.

ACT student performance festival

École Cantonale d’Art du Valais ECAV in collaboration with Lucerne School for Art & Design
Saturday 9 April, 2:30 to 7 p.m., Halles USEGO, Rue du Stade 17, 3960 Sierre

Null Komma

a performance by Dorothea Rust and Andrea Saemann, outdoors
Friday, 11 March, 6:30 p.m., on occasion of Kaskadenkondensator presents: www.panch.li bei STAMPA, Spalenberg 2, 4051 Basel 

is melting

9-minute performance at performance relay, Saturday 27 February at Corner College Zürich

LEGS Zürich 2016

coordiantion and organisation of performance relay, Saturday 27 February from 11 a.m. ongoing during 8 1/2 hours, with 57 invited artists/performers from the Zürich area, at Corner College Zürich, contact: Dorothea Rust rust.doro@bluewin.ch 

PANCH Launching of the Internetplatform in Zürich

Friday 26 February, 6:30 p.m., PANCH Performance Art Netzwork Switzerland and Corner Colllege present the launching of the internetplatform www.panch.li with the 'LUPE' on Zürich at Corner College Zürich, contact: Dorothea Rust