Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 1+

the bird can't sleep 1+ — re-performance and short version of performative scenic score «Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 1» (2021)

* from the score *

background of the «Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen ... (the bird can't sleep ...)»

During lockdown in March 2020, I spent a lot of time in the forest. Once I saw the bright green silhouette of a bird sprayed on a tree. Bright green, small, it looked fragile because I was far away, but it shone. A message? In any case, the bird burnt itself into my memory, triggered an initial spark:

«... walking through the forest ... a bird, sprayed in poisonous green colour on a tree trunk, jumps into my retina ... then the sentence THE BIRD CANNOT SLEEP (ANYMORE), which I had written a long time ago, comes into my hands ... from then on, I turn to dissimilar things like trees ... together we practise otherness in being together ... exchange genetic information via skin and tree bark ... together we retrieve the fictional in order to describe the real ...»

I don't know whether this score and the poetry fragments that are woven into the musical-gestural episodes have anything to do with the pandemic. I once came across a piece of paper on which I had written DER VOGEL KANN NICHT (MEHR) SCHLAFEN.
I now have the photo of a neon green small bird silhouette sprayed onto a tree trunk. A text was created together with the question of how to write a gestural composition, a score. Gestures that start somewhere but don't have to go anywhere, and intensity, micro-movements.
Each repetition is a fall into delay, into standstill. The gestures are simple, anyone can adopt them. Gestures and sound lapse into each other, possibly leading nowhere and fading into the ether.

cycle of «Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen ... (the bird can't sleep ...)»

The score "Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 1+" is an abridged version of a previous and performed score, in the true sense a new version in the setting of a concert-stage performance with a live audience in the Kunstraum Walcheturm. It was developed on the basis of «Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 1 (the bird can't sleep 1», a score for 3 musicians and a performer, which in 2021 during the Corona period, without a live audience, could be followed at home and elsewhere in the livestream and on Radio Lora, the free radio of Zurich.

hese works belong to a cycle of works with performances, as well as installation «Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 2 (the bird can't sleep 2) and image works «Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 3 (the bird can't sleep 3)» which have been realised for exhibitions.

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