Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 1+

the bird can't sleep 1+ — re-performance and short version of performative scenic score «Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 1» (2021)

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6 x 6 Funklöcher — jubilee concert in JANUARLOCH

With the program JANUARLOCH, the Funkloch Trio celebrates a selection of works from the last 6 years of collaboration with composers and artists in the concert format Funkloch OnAir. A new composition by composer and sound artist Svetlana Maraš will be created for the anniversary event.
2018 - 2023, 6 x 6 pieces at the crossroads between contemporary composition and improvisation, radiophonic art, sound art and performance art. With: Joke Lanz . Svetalana Maraš . Dorothea Rust . Annette Schmucki . Daniel Weissberg .

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Funkloch OnAir are experimental laboratory session concerts

The experimental concert format Funkloch On Air stands for light-footed musical encounters. Sebastian Hofmann (perc), Lara Stanic (fl) and Petra Ronner (p) have been playing together as the Funklochtrio since 2018. They invite a guest musician to a production around six times a year. In one day, the guest's idea is realised in a radically condensed working process: Discussion, sound check, rehearsal, live broadcast and video stream. In the extra concert event JANUARLOCH, a selection of these productions will be performed again and a new piece will be premiered.

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