Collective fragments continued

Collective fragments continued

a performative process and an experimental play

  • initiated by

    Dorothea Rust & Anne Sylvie Henchoz

  • concept

    Dorothea Rust & Anne Sylvie Henchoz in collaboration with Myriam Ziehli and Rahel El-Maawi

  • performeuses.x

    Anne Silvie Henchoz & Myriam Ziehli & Dorothea Rust & Rahel El-Maawi

  • material

    3 sodium lights and a projection by Myriam Ziehli

  • sound-track

    Léa Tissot-Laura

  • place | date

    BANG BANG - translocal performance historie:s
    exhibition 08 June 2022—21 August 2022
    Emancipation from the Medium (Aesthetic Practices, Hybridization)
    17—19 June 2022
    Museum Tinguely, Basel
    performance: 18 June 2022

  • organised by

    BANG BANG - Andrea Saemann, Chris Regn, Muda Mathis and Lena Eriksson