Ritual für (den) einen Mittelpunkt

Ritual für (den) einen Mittelpunkt

'ritual for the (one) center' — Performance Art Award Switzerland

  • concept | performance

    Dorothea Rust with the support of Petit Gregoire Videolabor, Hili Leimgruber and Jens Woernle

  • material

    1 drone | approx. 100 panels with copied images and texts-words | 6 basil plants | 2 buoys, sprayed with red colour, hooked to two green ropes | 1 hoodie shirt | ink body painting | 1 pair of red soccer shoes | 3 tables | song improvised after David Bowie's «Let’s dance» (1983)

  • body painting labelling

    developed together with Hili Leimgruber

  • length

    approx. 30—40 min.

  • place | date

    Performance Art Award Switzerland 2016
    Lupsingen BL
    20 August 2016

  • nominated artists.x of Performance Art Award Switzerland

    Martin Chramosta | San Keller | Garrett Nelson | Dorothea Rust | Melissa Tun Tun | ultra - Martin Bieri, Orpheo Carcano, Thomas Köppel, Nina Langensand | Urnamo - Ali Al-Fatlawi und Wathiq Al-Ameri

  • curated | organised

    The Swiss Performance Art Award is an initiative of the Cantons Basel-Stadt and Aargau, the city of Geneva, of the Cantons of Lucerne and Basel-Land and will be organized and supported in a wider partnership with the Canton Zürich.

  • award

    Swiss Performance Art Award