Exhibition — Edition

  • 2023

    FUTURE PLAN(T)S — Art meets Science, group exhibition at SAE Greenhouse ETHZ with LASER Talks. Supported by consultants and facilitator of Life Science Zurich Communication & Events and The Sustainable Agroecosystems Group, Departemen of Environmental System Science, ETH Zurich: * Der Vogel kann nicht schlafen 3+ | The bird can't sleep 3+ (two image works) and Was wir nicht sehen | what we don't see (video loop).

  • 2022

    FUNDUS 40 — Works from the collecrtion. Das marsie — Raum für kollektive Kunst, Elisa­be­thenstr. 26, 8004 Zürich. Group exhibition with works by 46 artists: * Autobiografisches Tier 0 and Autobiografisches Tier 1.

    Performance 0 a book. Multiple year book with 96 image and text collages 2003-2006/2021. Purchase by the Canton of Zug.

  • 2021

    DOCE EN DICIEMBRE — Basel Edition, exhibition and performances Kaskadenkondensator Basel: * another ghost dance, Installation.

    TUNNEL TUNNEL espace d'art Lausanne: 
* collective fragments — a performative process and an experimental piece, on invitation by TUNNEL TUNNEL Team. Initiated and organised by Anne Sylvie Henchoz und Dorothea Rust. Performers.x Meloé Gennai, Anne Sylvie Henchoz, Christina Jonsson, Eva Karzcag, Eglé Kulbokaite & Dorota Gaweda, Rosida Koyuncu, Dorothea Rust.

    HIDDEN FLOWERS BLOOM MOST BEAUTIFULLY, Parallel exhibition and dialogue on contemporary art in the countryside in Bühler, Appenzell and at Mareel, Lerwick Shetland with artists from Shetland and Switzerland. Curated by the Kollektiv Streunender Hund: * Beckett Walk I — IF YOU CAN READ THIS I CAN SEE YOU, video work and Beckett Walk II — GANNETS, video work with installation.

    AIR_WASTE_HEALTH_WATER_ENERGY_SOIL, art exhibition with events, with 36 artists in the cooperative Gleis 70, Zürich-Altstetten. Organised by Marille Hahne, Jill Scott, Barbara Bietenholz, Julie Schroell and Dorothea Rust. * Der Vogel kann nicht (mehr) schlafen 2 + 3, Iinstallation and image work.

  • 2019

    «Selbstverklumpungen» group exhibition at Kunstraum luke (art-space), Zurich, curated by Sandro Steudler: * L'animoteur 12 — bender, kinetic image work and What does capitalism burn? What burns capitalism?, a display.

    «Digital Dramatizations»: Ecologies from the Future». Digital Ecologies 2018–2019, Plovdiv; Bulgaria an international exhibition project in two folds. Fold II, 2019. Group exhibition and interventions at Center for Contemporary Art ‘Ancient Bath’ in the former tobacco warehouse SKLAD. Digital Ecologies is part of the program Plovdiv 2019, european cultural capital. Curated by Dimitrina Sevova.: * eyjafjallajökull — exercise no. 9, video work.

  • 2018

    University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, Campus Brugg-Windisch, as part of Treff.Kultur. Organised and curated by University of Education Brugg-Windisch, Cultural Education, Andrina Jörg: * Selfie im Bau, live intervention with subsequent media intervention.

    «Operaismo Naturale: Ecology of the Event», Fold 1 of Digital Ecologies: a project in two folds in Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Center for Contemporary Art ‘Ancient Bath’ in the former tobacco warehouse SKLAD. Groupe exhibition with lectures, interventions/performances. Curated by Dimitrina Sevova: * L'animoteur 5 + 6 selfie or I am donkey, performative intervention with selfies in public space in Plovdiv, followed by video presentation.

    «Zine - to March Clandestine Life of the BoycottGiiirls! 2017 / 2018», an artistic response to the International Women's Day 2017, Corner College Zürich. Published by Corner College Press: * Zine contribution.

  • 2017 

    «leichtbekömmlich» Kunsthalle Luzern, groupe exhibition of 'Basis-Dokumentationsstelle' (artists archive): * L'animoteur 4, kinetic object.

  • 2015 

    «dashboard» kunsthalle luzern. installation SHAKE IT nach/after Simon Forti.

    «Center Parting», groupe exhibition with performances at Kaskadenkondensator Basel, curated by Bettina Carl and Irene Müller: * L'animoteur 1 + 2, performance and kinetic image work.

  • 2014

    Floating Gaps, T-Shirt Edition for FKW // Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung und Visuelle Kultur (Journal for Gender Studies and Visual Culture), Nr. 55 (2014), New Politics of Looking? — Affect and Representation. With a text by Bernadett Settele, «Dorothea Rust: Dorothea Rust: Floating Gaps. Affektive Politiken von Performance-Kunst zwischen Erinnerung und Ereignis». Published by Sigrid Adorf, Maike Christadler.

  • 2013

    o.T. Raum für aktuelle Kunst Luzern, solo exhibition. Curated by Lisa Fuchs and Gabi Widmer: * Der Himmel über Luzern, installation and Performances in dialogue.

    «Vom Fuss der Mauer in den Horizont», künstlerische Bespielung (artistic display) of Zuger Kantonsspital, on behalf of Kanton Zug, in six phases (2009–2013). Finale display of all phases 2013. Curated by Susann Wintsch: * Alles wird gut — 47° 9' / 8° 3, video stills on canvas.

  • 2012

    «Schmerzgrenzen, Kunst und Spital im Dialog», Kantonsspital Aarau, group exhibition, curated by Sadyo Niederberger (art commissioner of the cantonal hospital Aarau): * Alles wird gut Schmerzgrenzen, video stills on flag fabric.

  • 2011

    K3 Project Space presents: «Chambre Meublée, Exhibition Project — Im Bauch des Wals», group exhibition, curated by Sibylle Omlin: * Newton's Äpfel I, installation.

    «Unter Bäumen», Verein Landart, art projects at Schlosspark Wädenswil, Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil ACW, group exhibition, curated by Susann Wintsch: * Alles wird gut in Bäumen, video stills flag fabric.

  • 2009

    «Vom Fuss der Mauer in den Horizont», künstlerische Bespielung (artistic display) of Zuger Kantonsspital, on behalf of Kanton Zug, in six phases. Solo exhibition. Curated by Susann Wintsch: * Alles wird gut — 47° 9' / 8° 3, 69, video stills on canvas.

  • 2007

    Migma Performancetage (performance days), Swiss Life Arena, Regionales Eislaufzentrum Luzern. Curated by Judith Huber (artist), Beat Stalder (visual designer), Margarit von Büren (cultural theoretician MAS): * We melt the ice in collaboration with Nicoletta West, installation.

  • 2006

    Forum Vebikus Kammgarn Schaffhausen, solo exhibition. Curated by Verein Forum Vebikus: * Alles wird gut, installation with performative intervention.

    «Speed», Galerie StaubKohler Zürich, group exhibition. Curatiert by Sabine Kohler and Rolf Staub: * Mission, photo performance in collalboration with Nicoletta West.

  • 2005

    Gembre, video work, presented as part of the concert program of Jeremias Schwarzer (musician DE), «Blockflöte modern allein 2005/2006», works for recorder solo, eletronic, video and acustic installation. Performances at ZKM Karlsruhe, Kunstverein Freiburg, Tafelhalle Nürnberg, Orff-Zentrum München, Kunstverein Marburg, 43. Internationaler Ferienkurs für Neue Musik Darmstadt.

  • 2001

    «Plakat», postercampaign of APG Zürich in collaboration with Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich HGKZ (Zurich School of Art and Design). Curated by Peter Emch and Bernd Höppner.

    «Park-Projekt», Studiengang für Bildende Kunst SBK (study course for fine arts), Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich HGKZ (Zurich School of Art and Design). Curated by lecturers/professors of SBK.

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