Teaching the Teachers, Dorothea Rust (CH)

Teaching the Teachers, Dorothea Rust (CH)

by Al Annamária Szoboszlai

published in «Teaching the Teachers – Documentation of a methodological seminar for dance-teachers and dancers», Workshop Foundation, Budapest 2010, ISBN 978–963–08–0140–9, pages 61–64 | full publication on adademia.edu

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Eva Karczag is since 1972 membre of leading vanguard dance groups and teacher of experimental, postmodern and new dance in America, Australia and Europe. As an initiator she invited Dorothea Rust to participate in «Teching the Teachers, ttt» in Budapest in 2010.

'Teaching the Teachers' of '«Jardin d'Europe. Teaching the Teachers ttt»' is a cultural exchange program of the European Union. This Initiative is taking place twice a year during 10 days always in another European city, up to 2011 in Vienna, Bucharest, Stockholm and Budapest and in the future in other cities. Prevailing questions and issues of the development of contemporary dance, teaching and training methods and approaches to choreography are discussed. Other medias and genres (art fields) such as dramaturgy, scenography, visual arts practices, film and photography can be instrumental influences depending on the background and interest of the participants, thus shaping the art of teaching.

This seminar held in Budapest in 2010 was the fourth one. Workshop Foundation provided time and space for seven dance teachers to engage in collective thinking, talking and moving, concerning the past, present und future of contemporary dance. The Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy took part in the organization and arrangement of the seminar as the professional partner of the Foundation. The teachers of the Academy Tamàs Bàko and Viktória Varga toghether with the frequent guest teacher Eva Karczag provided the nucleus of the group. Together with them a group of invited members was formed. In the end, Susanne Martin, Peter Pleyer and Dorothea Rust spent more then a week in Budapest, and Gill Clarke joined the work in an unconventional manner - through the internet.

The outline of the seminar program was inspired by a letter of Jennifer Lacey about the Bucharest ttt where she called attention to the importance of the location concerning the performing arts. According to this idea ttt Budapest tried to include in the programm more local respresentative organizations of contemporary dance. Five open classes were held in five different Hungarian dance studios, and their activities were touched upon by local professionals after the classes. This diversity inspired the participants of the seminar and the wide variety of different experiences led to open discussions about the problems of education in comtemporary dance.

In the present volume one can read reports of the participants, interviews made with them and the presentation of the two Hungarian dance academies. In an attached DVD the documentation is complemented by notes, 'maps', photos and video, all created during the seminar.

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