Pressing the shutter at moments of Maria Hassabi’s «in progress»

Pressing the shutter at moments of Maria Hassabi’s «in progress»

Dorothea Rust

published in APRESPERF — platfform for texts about performance | text 2022

Dorothea Rust writes after the performance «in progress» by Maria Hassabi on Saturday 13.08.2022 at BANG BANG – translokale Performance Geschichte:n, an exhibition project by Revolving Histories/Performance Chronik Basel and Museum Tinguely, from 8 June to 21 August 2022

Before Maria enters the large exhibition hall from the outside, already traffic noises and human-voices fade into an electronic hissing and sometimes become a sombre sound, which haze the room. Most of the audience is seated on chairs, some at the front on cushions on the floor. Maria passes the audience to the right, slowly walks into the middle of the large, empty hall then coming to a halt in front of us.
Her clothes: between everyday and glamour with sneakers, fancy ripped gang jeans, and a white shirt with large jewelled glass stones attached, shimmering and creeping over the left side of her chest and over her shoulder like a strange growth. The moment she stands before us, the glamour dissolves into a highly tense, concentrated state of mind, that ripples through the hall. ...

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