9 Questions

9 Questions

an artist project by Gustaf Broms

published by FADO Performance Art Centre and Centre for Orgchaosmik Studies, edited by © 2018 Gustaf Broms and Shannon Cochrane, Unbound a shop for Live Art books ...

about the publication

«9 questions asked of 49 artists»

In 2014, Swedish performance and visual artist Gustaf Broms composed a list of nine questions that he started to circulate to fellow performance artists—many he had a personal connection with and many more he had never even met. The questions covered a range of paired concepts—the bricks and mortar of performance practice (material/object, audience/receiver, sound/silence, time/rhythm, space/emptiness)—and grounded by questions about personal experience, lineage and language.

The impulse to gather this collection arose from a conversation Broms had had with another artist; but what makes this volume first and foremost an artist’s project is that the questions are asked from the specific perspective of Broms’ deep personal understanding that, as a practice, performance resides at the permeable borders between the conscious and subconscious, and the meeting of the concrete world of form and the spiritual realm. For Broms, these are the essential questions. The responses collected are as diverse and wide-ranging as the artists and their own approaches, from the practical, to the abstract to the simply far-flung, in addition to some reassuring and surprising overlapping ideas and connections.

The roster of participants in the 9Questions collection is an impressive array of international performance artists whose work covers a range of performance and performative multi-disciplinary approaches ...


Adina Bar-On | Alastair MacLennan | Andrea Saeman | Antoni Karwowski | Arahmaiani | Artur Tajber | Barbara T. Smith | Bartolomé Ferrando | Boris Nieslony | Brian Connolly | Dorothea Rust | Elvira Santamaria-Torres | Esther Ferrer | Fausto Grossi | Guadalupe Neves | Guillermo Gómez-Peña | Gustaf Broms | He Yunchang | hermann nitsch | Irma Optimist | Jamie McMurry | Jill Orr, Johanna Householder | John Duncan | Kurt Johannessen | Leif Elggren | Linda Mary Montano | Macarena Perich Rosas | Margaret Dragu | Mariel Carranza | Marilyn Arsem |Martha Wilson | Monika Günther & Ruedi Schill | Myriam Laplante | Nigel Rolfe | Nobuo Kubota | Paul Couillard | Pekka Kainulainen | Rocio Boliver | Roi Vaara | Ron Athey | Serge Olivier Fokoua | Shannon Cochrane | Stelarc | Tanya Mars | Tehching Hsieh | Tomas Ruller | Ulay | Valentín Torrens | Zbigniew Warpechowski | Zhu Ming

9Questions answered by Dorothea Rust

1 At the base of my practical understanding of Performance\Art is the linkage of body and space, and interest in different movement practices, which might be rooted (since my childhood) in the primodial and unbound (personal) need to move. …

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