eyjafjallajökull - exercise no. 9


was founded in 1983, becoming the home of the town’s art collection.
The mission of Hafnarborg – the Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art is to maintain dynamic and ambitious cultural functions, thereby creating grounds for diverse cultural life in the town. Hafnarborg therefore preserves Hafnarfjörður’s art collection, being responsible for research into and exhibitions of said collection for the benefit of the town’s guests and residents, as well as ensuring that this heritage continues to be a prominent part of Icelandic culture and art history. In addition, Hafnarborg runs an international artist-in-residence programme.

Hafnarborg operates an Artist-in-Residence programme, with an apartment and studio space on the top floor of the museum’s building at Strandgata 34, in the centre of Hafnarfjörður. The program welcomes foreign artists of various disciplines.