Open Stage Open Air — Intervention 1


Open Stage Open Air Saturday, April 7 2018 14.30h-17.30h
Open performance art event at the Srinagar Biennale Basel in Collaboration with PANCH (Performance Art Network, Switzerland)

The Srinagar Biennale Basel hosts Open Stage Open Air, a platform open to all interested Performance Artists. The framework sees itself as an experimental platform for Performance Art in public spaces. The event will follow a set route through the city of Basel and welcomes individual performances at various locations en route.

The Route
Meeting Point: 14.30h Barfusseplatz, on the Stairway. From there we proceed to the Marktplatz, the Mittlere Brücke and cross over to the Klein Basel side. Around 16:00 h we reach the second fixed location, The Helvetia Statue (Mittlere Brücke). From there we go past the ‘Museum Kleines Klingental’ to reach the Kasernenareal, the last point at 17h. Here, all artists are invited to perform simultaneously or together as per their choice. At 18.30 h the participating artists and the organizing team of the Srinagar Biennale Basel are invited for an evening meal cooked especially by an Artists collective, as the final performance of the evening at the Ausstellungsraum Klingental (Exhibition Room Klingental).

Facts and Figures 
No fees, material costs or expenses can be paid by the organizers. Insurance is the responsibility of the individual who participate at their own risk and remains liable for any incidents involving self or others. City traffic may not be disrupted Performances will be photographed and all photographs will also be made available to the participating artists. This event will take place under all weather conditions.

Interested persons may apply until March 10, 2018. Please include: Name and contact details; Title and duration of performance and preferred location. Our Team will coordinate the performances.
Applications and Enquiries to: Nadine Seeger info@nadine-seeger.ch

Best Wishes to All
The Team
Nadine Seeger, Claudia Grimm, Markus Goessi, Mirjam Spoolder, Irene Maag

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